Balloons of Hope Foundation

For children with Autism

Mission Statement / Objective

The purpose of this foundation is to provide funding through music for children with Autism and other disabilities. Children with disabilities are often overlooked when it comes to finding services and funding their care. The Balloons of Hope will be organizing fundraising concerts that will provide funding for the following services: Music Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy. We will also be providing funding for computers, computer software to meet their educational needs, help with medical bills, cost of wheelchairs, medicine, musical instruments, training and respite for the parents. The Balloons of Hope is looking for corporate and private donations.



Gift boxes will be available for purchase at the concerts which includes, VHS video of a child with Autism, “Omen’s Prayer” CD, key chain, and a t-shirt. This will also be available on the Joseph Samuels Messina’s website and through other means of marketing for $60.00. The items in the gift box can be sold separately. They will make wonderful gifts for children, families, and friends. Joseph Samuels Messina, an accomplished composer, pianist and other performing artists will be giving fundraising concerts to help the foundation. Rom Ryan will be donating his artwork of the Balloon People to the project for the design and images for all merchandise.


Participating Charities

In addition to our own fundraising efforts, we are asking other charities and organizations to participate by underwriting performances. The charities will benefit by selling sponsorship packages for corporations and individuals. After the expenses of the event are paid, all proceeds will be shared equally between Balloons of Hope and the participating charities. The charities will also benefit by selling Balloons of Hope merchandise.

Joseph Samuels Messina and his String Quartet, along with other world renowned musicians will be providing the entertainment. Go to Joseph's website to listen to his music.


Brief Biography on Joseph Samuels Messina , Founder and Artistic Director

Joseph has served on several boards, such as Star of Hope, Make a Wish Foundation, and has been a volunteer and a volunteer Board of Director at Memorial Hermann Hospital for the past three years. He continues to play for various hospitals, retirement homes, and gives concerts for different charities. One of Joseph ’s passions in life is to be able to open the hearts and minds of children with disabilities through music. His interest began three years ago when he was volunteering at Memorial Hermann Hospital . A child with a disability approached Joseph when he was playing the ”Omens Prayer” composition and said, “ Mr. Piano Man you are making my hurt go away today”. At that moment Joseph realized the connection between music and children. He saw first hand how music could heal the human spirit, especially children with disabilities.

The Economic Effect

The economic cost for helping children and adults with autism and other disabilities is based on the following information. Cost of education, medical expenses and caring is calculated in the total amount associated for those without the disorder. This economic cost is a huge burden to parents and society. For example, the annual cost of education for a typical child is around $10,000, while the annual cost of education of a child with autism and other disabilities is estimated at $40,000. One and half million children in the United States are affected with Autism. Typically these children require specialized medical treatment, which is an additional expense. Some parents report spending $65,000 per year. It is extremely important that we assist and relieve these families of their financial burdens.

We would appreciate your help to fulfill this dream, and to make a difference in the lives of children with Autism and other disabilities.

View photographs from the first concert by clicking here!

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